Saturday, May 29, 2010

MageLore - Avatars of Alturia

Greetings traveller.

Welcome to the MageLore development blog.

First, what is MageLore you ask? It's a game I started writing when I was 13 on the Amiga after being inspired from playing Ultima 3 on the Amiga. I soon gave up and then technology and 3d took over and the idea become obsolete until the advent of phone games and touch screens and suddenly the idea seems very viable again.

So what will you see in this blog? Well, over the weeks/months of development I'll be trying to post weekly talking about anything and everything to do with the implementation and design of the game.

Why Blog? Obviously its to get filthy rich from the ads on the side of the page... that would be awesome, but extremely unlikely... My real motivation is motivation itself... By blagging on about my game I'll hopefully keep up the momentum to get it done and on the iPhone by Christmas 2010.

"I don't wanna read all this rubbish, just show me the damn game!?!" Well ok, no need to yell. Here is my first gameplay video... see you next time...

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  1. Wow man, that's looking amazing! Can't wait to get see what the final product will be like!