Sunday, January 30, 2011

New blog on up on AltDevBlogADay

Just a quick mention that I've posted my first blog on AltDevBlogADay.  It looks like the blogs on that site will be focussed more on the technical aspects of Magelore such as how the engine is formed, and how I solve particular coding problems in Magelore or in general.

So I will continue to blog about the month to month progress of Magelore to this site.

I'm flat out with work at the moment - both my day job and Magelore, so I won't post a full blog now. I have made a few graphical improvements to Magelore's front end.  I've added a data driven particle system so I can hopefully add nicer effects for magic and much quicker than before.  I've also tweaked the load/save system so all levels will now be persistent,  but I can still and and remove objects during title updates, so that was fairly important to me.

I'll definitely try and get a new blog out over the next week with pictures and video.

Till then,  cao cao cao.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Just a very quick update to mention that I have signed onto

so future magelore blogs can hopefully be seen here to and more frequently.

I'm not really sure what I'll blog about,  but I expect Magelore will get a fair mention and any progress I make on Magelore will appear in a blog there for sure,  hopefully with lots of lovely videos of progress.

I'm undecided if I should continue to post here also. We'll see how things work out.