Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Starcraft II completed - back to work

Just a quick blog to say I've been temporarily delayed by StarCraft II but I've completed the campaign missions now and can start getting back into MageLore development.

I've been developing on iPad for a while now and went back to my old 3g phone and noticed the framerate has degraded a lot. Not sure when this happened :( I think it was running ok after upgrading to OS4 but its pretty unacceptable now... I'll have to trim the code back and see if I can spot what is taking all the time. I don't have that many poly's or overdraw so there's really no reason for it to run less than 30fps on an old ipod touch or 3g phone.

On a brighter night,  I got and iPhone4  and Venger runs like a dream,  even in 3d stereoscopic mode. Need to try and track down my 3d glasses again and have a go.  If you haven't played it,  there's links to all our games at  http://www.wretchedgames.com/   They all have free demos you can try.

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