Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time moves fast when you're having blog

Wow. You really notice time moving fast when you commit to writing a blog every 2 days. At least I made some progress this time. I've reworked the entire damage system so my enchantments and spell effects can patch in at any stage and intercept results. This should make it a breeze to implement any type of stats affecting or damage affecting enchantment. Yay! Too exciting, I know!

Since I don't have "equipment" in the game to upgrade, enchantments have the important role of filling this void. You get 7 slots to fill with enchanted crystals. Each slot has different properties defining when it is effective, such as being more effective at night time, or more effective when your health is full. The player will be able to reconfigure their choices at no cost, though they will need to do it at a particular place and time. We'll see how this goes with play testing. I may make it require gold to access the the screen, or make it only accessible at midnight, etc... Or maybe it should just be accessible at any time for free... It probably won't be clear what works best until I have some real missions and enemies that need specific enchantments to kill.

Here's a teaser screenshot of the socketing screen to tie you over till my end-of-week video..

As a p.s.,  someone told me that h1 tags are important for google searches. So, if I had no scruples and was to imbed something like

MageLore iPhone retro RPG is teh awsomz

then this blog might score higher in a google search. But I guess I'll never know...

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