Saturday, June 26, 2010

All-In-One UI Screen

I've been hard at work this week implementing the all-in-one UI screen. This little wonder replaces my old enchant screen and socket screen... It's simply a long list of everything I track in the game. This currently includes the player stats, inventory of items, crystals, and recipes,  players learnt spells.

Here's a screenshot of the stats section while the player has points available for upgrading stats.
I expect I'll add a tab on the right to group different sets of information together,  but for now, the screen is fully functional and I've deleted the old enchant and socket screens. With only one interface doing all this, I can put a single button on the main game UI for accessing it all and hopefully the player will find it easier access to all the features of the game if there is just a single list to scroll through.

The screen is still lacking polish - transitions and general artsie goodness, so it will undoubtedly get some love in the proceeding months, but, for now, it is fully functional so I can leave it and move onto other things.

Apart from working on this,  I bought an iPad this week. I love it  (though its cost me some productivity this week) !! and the kids love it too. Prior to Aug 2008, I owned absolutely no Apple products and thought them rather overpriced for what you get.  Now I have an iPod touch, iPhone 3g, mac mini, iMac, iPad, and I'm queuing up for an iPhone4 as soon as my current contract runs out.  I've got Magelore running as a universal app so it opens up as a fullscreen app on the iPad. Currently, this just means it scales from the 16:9 of an iPhone to the 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad. I'm still thinking through how I'm going to layout the UI on the iPad. I'd like to take advantage of the extra rez to show more content, rather than to simple uprez. However, this basically means every UI element and backdrop now needs 2 sets of co-ordinates.Once I get some UI sorted on the iPad, I'll send through some new screenshots.

I may lose some dev time soon as I really need to go through all my Wretched Games apps and upgrade them to iPad. Having an iPad myself now,  I'm loathe to download iPhone apps and have them scale and blur to a portion of the play area. Instead I mainly just browse the iPad only games since they will be nice and crisp on my screen.

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