Friday, July 2, 2010

iPad iPad iPad

Been hard at work getting the game working on iPad as a universal app. Turned out all my view information was hacked in badly and needed some cleaning up,  but its all good now.  I just have to decide what I'm going to do with the extra resolution.  iPhone4 is easy because its the same screen size, just double the resolution in x and y. However iPad is a different aspect ratio and a much bigger screen.  I think I'll probably just uprez the art and go with 480x360 play area instead of 480x320 - so there's a little bit more vertical map and gui to fill, but otherwise its just generally just going to look much nicer.  Also, I'll use all 32 bit sprites for iPad whereas the iphone version s use dithered 16 bit textures.

Apple just announced that they will stop selling sdk 2.0 apps.   I actually have 4 sdk 2.0 apps on the appstore currently under the Wretched Games label, so looks like I'll be spending the next week or so upgrading them all to 3.1.3 so they can keep selling - they still dribble cash in each week so would be ashame to lose that even though its just a bit of pocket money these days. Might upgrade them all to iPad universal apps while I'm at it...

No video to show off this week, and its unlikely there will be one for next week. I've just taken a week off work but I'll be spending most of my time with the family and working around the house so probably won't help my MageLore progress at all.

p.s. It's damn cold here!

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