Sunday, July 25, 2010

More videos...

Spent the last night playing Microsoft GameRoom on the PC... I don't have an X360 :( so I've been relegated to playing it on my laptop. Some great classics on there if your into retro gaming. Of course, I may be biased, since I work on GameRoom during the daytime :)  I'm in the leaderboards for Scramble and Gyruss... at least for a little while until I get knocked out of the leaderboard.

I had intended to post a video of the town tonight, but I've reneged and am going to work on adding new content instead. It takes most of a night for me to take video, convert and along with an accompanying block.  I'll definitely get a video next week, and it should have a lot more goodies to show off. The town art is in, but I've not designed any towns yet.  I've got nearly enough content to start the tutorial mission and design "magenta" which will be my primary town, for the early missions at least.  I still need to add some scripts for locking and unlocking gates, so your trapped until the tutorial mission is over, but that's fairly trivial stuff.

This week I've added some animated water, fixed up various minor iPad bugs, added some scripts so the immolation enchantment is now working and damaging nearby enemies and a new enemy - fire elemental. Not much point posting a static screenshot of animated water, but I can at least post a shot of the elemental..

On an unrelated point, I think I found a great subject for a minigame... The towns and cities in Magelore will have at least one minigame each - not necessarily all available at launch time. This is presented as a mage who will sell you a magical tonic to drink. If you drink it you are transported into the game and return when the game is finished. The games can be any gameplay idea I'd like to prototype. I think I'd definitely be able to come up with way to squeeze Trogdor into a minigame...

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