Sunday, July 4, 2010

False Alarm - Old apps are fine...

Got confirmation that Apple won't be removing any old 2.0 apps from the appstore - just not allowing new apps to come in using that sdk. This means I don't have to upgrade Venger and my other apps after all. yeah! Back to work on Magelore.

I've put in support for high definition art now - just need to create it all now... The engine now appends an _hd extension to psd's and png's for the ipad and iphone4 versions so they can load a 32 bit double rez version, and the iphone 3g / ipod will load a 16 bit standard rez version. The plan is to keep the app universal, so if you buy on any platform you can play on every platform with the appropriate graphics set. I'm still stressing over if the app should be free with in app purchases, or a one time price. Plenty of time still to work that one out.

Anyway, a few more bugs to work out on ipad (alpha is coming out white instead of black,  and my touch processing is getting throttled from my render pipeline since switching to CADisplayLink style timer) then back to adding content. I think I'll add some ice magic next, and I want to get some of the more interesting monsters in place - some will turn to stone during the day time, so you will need to hunt them at night. I guess I'll need to make a new todo list and try and prioritise some features. Would be good to get started on the real scripts, but I really want to nail down the feature set as much as possible so I don't have to interrupt writing scripts to do more tech.

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